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How does Pre-Trial Release Services Program Operate.



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  Pretrial Release Service Program

 The main office of a PRSP is typically located at the County Courthouse building. Pretrial staff will also be located at the County Central Booking facility and elsewhere. The pretrial interview official will conduct a brief face to face interview with the defendant. Then he or she will complete their investigation of the defendants background and present their findings to a judge or judicial official who will use this information when determining bond.

     Other services provided by the Pretrial Release Services Program are:

·         Substance abuse assessment and random urinalysis of defendants ordered for supervision.

·         Alternative sanction plans for the courts.

·         Trial status review of defendants detained at the County Detention Center.

·         Assistance with dockets scheduling for defendants in the program.

A Pretrial Release Services Program typically has four functioning units.:

                     Investigative Services section
Case Management section
              Addictions Assessment Unit
              Court Operations

·         The Investigative Services section is a 24-hour operation. Investigators have the responsibilities of:

·         Obtaining criminal histories and conduction warrant checks on all arrestees processed through Counties Central Booking and presenting this information to the pretrial interview officer.

·         Interviewing all defendants held for bail review, verifying defendant’s personal background, and presenting this information during the bail review hearing.

·         Interviewing defendants placed under PRSP supervision.



Summary of Pre-Trial Release Goals

Goals and Objectives - The Pretrial goals include:
• Maximizing the release of qualified detainees who are interviewed and recommended for release under specific conditions of supervision. This enables detainees to secure or maintain gainful employment to support their families.
• Helping to reduce costs to taxpayers for the incarceration of pretrial detainees.
• Providing neutral, non-biased, verified, background information and data to the courts, the Defense Attorney and District Attorney’s Office for the determination of bond release and condition of supervision.
• Reducing the failure to appear rate and risk to the community of those detainees released to the Program by using assessment instruments to determine supervision levels, treatment needs and additional recommendations to the court if needed.
• Supervising offenders sentenced to Community Corrections awaiting a bed space.









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